Private Equity & M&A

Private Equity & M&A

We work with investors around the world providing independent insurance due diligence, insurance programme reconstruction and benchmarking, for new investments and portfolio companies, and a range of specialist financial solutions.

Matrix specialist M&A team delivers a unique portfolio of products and services that enable investors to access finance, additional deal flow opportunities and to de-risk and enhance the security of their investments, through the application of sophisticated insurance products and solutions that adjust and reduce risk.

Insurance Due Diligence

We provide an independent Insurance Due Diligence solution for investments worldwide that delivers a comprehensive, technical review that provides consistency in this critically important area.

Insurance Due Diligence

Portfolio Insurance Review

We work with investors to help them secure better protection, enhanced service and support from their insurance advisors and reduced premiums for their portfolio companies.

Warranty & Indemnity Insurance

We offer our Private Equity & M&A clients access to bespoke Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance solutions that enable them to transfer M&A related risks to the insurance market.

Corporate Insurance Review


We provide companies with the independent perspective they need to make fully informed decisions when purchasing insurance protection. Matrix focus on insurance 24/7 which has given us an in-depth perspective of the capabilities and resources of the broker and Insurer community. Our extensive project work also provides us with an ongoing insight to current and future market developments together with the implications for our Clients.

In this market environment the challenge facing the insurance buyer is how best to meet the requirements for reviewing and validating the corporate insurance arrangements, our fully independent insurance programme audit and review can provide the most effective solution by establishing the best insurance programme strategy and giving the necessary peace of mind both internally within the business and for external stakeholders.

Corporate Insurance Review

Our unique project process delivers a fully-costed, immediately implementable insurance solution that combines improved protection and enhanced service whilst minimizing the impact of a hardening market and maximising our clients’ market opportunities.


Infrastructure & Project Finance

In Infrastructure & Project Finance Matrixs’ expertise in insurance and capital markets is used to address the underlying risk factors of projects, we create a carefully-crafted base of risk management applications enabling Matrix to take the next step; writing insurance coverage wrapping the overall risk of the entire project that indemnifies lenders against the risk to capital in the event of a default, bringing A-rated credit enhancement to support the entire debt financing.

As a result, we are able to create efficiencies in an inefficient marketplace, enabling projects that otherwise would have been difficult, impossible or expensive to finance. This solution allows a wider range of projects to access debt capital, and a broader group of lenders to participate. The result: cheaper capital and a more efficient funding process.

Non-Payment Insurance

Matrix’s proprietary Non-Payment (NPI) coverage program is an innovative solution that can add substantial value to major project financings.

Technology Performance Insurance

Facilitates efficient financing and addresses performance risk in the operation of an energy facility or technology.

Commodity Price Risk Insurance

Provides commodity price risk management through a user-friendly insurance policy, whilst eliminating the complications associated with hedging.

Residual Value Insurance

Residual Value Insurance (RVI) helps companies manage their asset value risk by guaranteeing that a properly managed asset will have an agreed value at a future date.