Who We Help at Matrix
Services for investors

Services for investors

We work with investors around the world providing independent insurance due diligence, insurance programme reconstruction and benchmarking, for new investments and portfolio companies, and a range of specialist financial solutions.

Insurance Due Diligence

We provide an independent Insurance Due Diligence solution for investments worldwide that delivers a comprehensive, technical review that provides consistency in this critically important area.

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Transaction+ insurance optimisation

A powerful combination of our insurance due diligence service and our programme review and reconstruction process, Transaction+ addresses the issues identified and enables investors to crystallise available premium efficiencies.

Portfolio company reviews

We work with investors to help them secure better protection, enhanced service and support from their insurance advisors and reduced premiums for their portfolio companies.

services for business
Services for companies

Services for companies

We provide companies with the independent perspective they need to make fully informed decisions when purchasing insurance protection. On average, we generate an additional 20% saving in premium compared to the best terms available from a company’s current broker.

Corporate Insurance Reviews

Our unique project process delivers a fully-costed, immediately implementable insurance solution that combines improved protection and enhanced service with additional premium savings that would not otherwise be available.

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Specialist Financial Solutions

Specialist Financial Solutions

Matrix offers access a range of specialised financial products that help to drive added value in both M&A transactions and general corporate insurance programmes.


Provides commodity price risk management through a user-friendly insurance policy, whilst eliminating the complications associated with hedging.

Credit Insurance

Enables credit risk transfer for a known level of premium. Provides access to information that aids decision taking when considering new business opportunities.

Political Risk Insurance

Helps businesses to trade or invest internationally with confidence, knowing they have insurance in place to mitigate the uncertainties of doing business overseas.

Warranty & Indemnity Insurance

Bespoke Warranty & Indemnity solutions for the transfer of M&A related risks to the insurance market.